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31 Aug

I am a Girl of Now


I am a Girl of Now. I feel free as a bird. I don’t feel any obligations, I don’t feel pressured into doing things and I am very spontaneous. I feel empowered by the endless opportunities that the modern world offers me without being careless. 

I am also a girl that works hard; a girl that knows what she wants. I love to be able to express myself and to be responsible for my own success and future. I feel self-confident and powerful.  


I truly am a Girl of Now, a girl of generation Y that takes life into her own hands. That is why I was very excited that I got the chance to attend the launch of the fragrance Girl of Now by Elie Saab in Paris. It is made for millennial girls, just as me, who are born around the 90’s and are independent and self-reliant women. Being part of a campaign that is so close to my heart means a lot to me. Everything that I do is supposed to empower women around the globe and show them that you can be free without being careless, be self-confident without being stubborn and believe in yourself at all times.  


 Girl of Now surrounds you with beautiful floral scents and hints of almond that are combined with the Elie Saab signature scent of patchouli and orange blossom. I really like that it combines uncompromising and intense scents with soft and playful ones which creates a combination that is truly one of a kind and reflects the character of its wearer. I was one of the first girls who got to see the beautiful flacon which mirrors the floral aroma and I am absolutely in love with it.


I found my new favorite parfum and I am sure you Girls of Now will love it as much as I do. To find out more about the fragrance you can click here or simply go to your favorite perfumery and let the flowery scent seduce you.  

girl of now

in collaboration with Shiseido 


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