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21 Nov

Iceland with BIOEFFECT

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My job allows me to travel all the time and see many different places, but there are only very few that fascinate me as much as Iceland does. Its preserved nature, its roughness, its stunning beauty and its calmness are only a few trades that made this beautiful country twist me around its finger. When BIOEFFECT asked me to discover their products and their origin in Iceland, I couldn’t be more excited to go back to this magical place and show you guys the elegancy of this place. Besides, you know how obsessed I am with skin care and anti-aging products. I am very picky and know which brands I like, but I am always happy to encounter new ones and give their products a try. I was especially drawn to BIOEFFECT, simply because it was founded there and uses latest scientific research and very selected natural ingredients for their potent products.

Oh Iceland, I adore you.

The secret of the products is a nobel-prize-winning growth factor, extracted from barley, that has been found to stimulate the skin to renew itself. Sounds to good to be true, but after one month of using BIOEFFECT, I can honestly say that it is miraculous. I rarely change or add on to my skin care routine, but I am so convinced that this will definitely stay with me longterm, which is rare for me to say. I don’t know what it is about Iceland that captivates and fascinates me so much, but I definitely know why BIOEFFECT is so potent. When you visit this beautiful place and especially the BIOEFFECT headquarter, you become aware of the power of nature and the elements and their impact on life, renewal and change. Give it a try – it’s a keeper for sure.


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