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WATCH samsung 

Have your ever imagined wearing your phone on your wrist?! When there wreath first rumors about a watch connected to your phone, I didn’t really care nor thought about it. Till Samsung called me asking: ’Nina do you wanna try the new GEAR S2’. Holding it in my hand for on minutes and and I was hooked. The user interface of a watch is important, but an attractive and comfortable design is more important. Watches are fashion statements, and no one wants to wear something crappy or huge just for some notifications, So Samsung found the ideal size for the watch. It comes in two designs, a sporty version and a classic version. The Classic also has a ribbed watch face and traditional lugs, making it compatible with any 20mm watchband.

Samsung’s best innovation is simplicity. It’s a button click (or swipe) to get to the radial apps menu, a swipe down to access the battery life and connectivity menu, a swipe right to check notifications, and a simple swipe left to see your widgets. And, of course, you can do all of this with the rotating bezel as well, which clears up valuable screen space that your fingers take up when swiping. Every menu and app is designed to perfectly fit this easy, round design philosophy. You can also answer your WhatsApp messages with your watch !!

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