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4 Aug

Like yoga for my skin

Within the last decade or two, individuality has finally gained the importance it deserves. People and especially women are being empowered to embrace their trades, qualities and values and the beautiful picture they pose together. I couldn’t be happier about the movement of empowerment, self-confidence and acceptance that has been developing over the last years.

Putting emphasis on the individual and the qualities that you are composed of, has had a tremendous impact of several industries. The one-size-fits-all solutions are obsolete; flexible, adjustable and personalized approaches are popping up in order to serve the demand of a new generation of unique and self-confident consumers. 

One of the first brands who fully embraced this concept is BABOR which is why I am beyond happy to be part of the #baborfamily. Particularly the skin is a highly individual organ that can be so different from person to person. A product that nourishes and pampers your skin may cause dryness and irritation for someone else. BABOR acknowledges that individual people need individual treatments and product and therefore has developed product lines that can fit each and every one of us. What’s interesting is that BABOR has discovered that there are 6 basic skin types which are the basis for a successful and adequate treatment. People who tend to have dry skin need a completely different treatment than people with sensitive, oily or more mature skin for example. With these basic skin types or rather finding your individual skin type, your skin care will become a no-brainer.

I never actually knew what skin type I have. I found that some parts were dry, others were quite oily, and occasionally I develop a few impurities. BABOR helped me to discover that I have combination skin and helped me to find the perfect balancing beauty routine that gave me a more even skin than I could have ever imagined. I want to give you guys a brief overview of my favourite products that helped me to get out of the vicious circle of over-cleansing and over-treating. 

Two of my favourite daily essentials are the Cleansing Foam and the Eye Make-Up Remover. Make-up makes my skin more uneven, dry and oily as it already is, which is why I need cleansers that are gentle and balancing yet rigorous. I promise you, this Eye Make-Up Remover will get rid of your best waterproof mascara.

In case I need more rigorous purification and care, I like to resort to the Cleanse & Peel Mask. It’s a quick and easy combination of a deep-cleanse and refining and regenerating properties that renew your skin. I love the soft, fresh and rosy appearance it gives me!  

The balancing Mattifying Cream is my daily little helper that makes sure my skin doesn’t get oily. If you also have combination skin, you probably know that fear of developing a shiny complexion throughout the day. If you do – look no further! The Mattifying Cream will give you a matte finish all day long. 

I am beyond happy with my personalized BABOR products and want to encourage you to find the perfect matches for your skin! If you would like to know more about the latest campaign and my experience with BABOR click HERE and watch the the behind-the-scenes video below.
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