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13 Apr


Louis Vuitton has been engaging in the world’s art scene since quite a while now and I have always been a huge fan of their work. I appreciate their effort to keep the art scene vivid and emerging. The Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris is actually one of my favorite art museums! As an art lover and design enthusiast, former collaborations with Yayoi Kusama, Daniel Buren, Olafur Eliasson and Cindy Sherman have already blown my mind. The latest union with New-York-based artist Jeff Koons, which will be released April 28th, really wowed me though, so I didn’t want to withhold it from you. It is called ‚Masters‘ and I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

Koons is one of the most respected figures in contemporary art and now brings beautiful hand-painted reproductions of da Vinci, Rubens and Van Gogh art works to several Louis Vuitton products. Can you imagine getting yourself your favorite speedy with the Mona Lisa on it? By putting these classical images in a new context, Koons invites people to rediscover the beautiful art works, which I think is absolutely beautiful. He even was allowed to change up the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram in order to bear his initials. Keep an eye out for further chapters of this collaboration and watch the video below get a glimpse of the beautiful art works.

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