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15 Feb

Luscious Lengths

It’s time for a confession. I have to admit, I‘m one of those girls who dyed their hair for many, many years and totally went overboard in terms of styling, blow-drying and straightening it. I always wanted my hair to look good for the moment, but didn‘t really think about the consequences or about pampering and repairing it afterwards. The tricky thing is, that you can get away with that in the short run. You won‘t notice damage right away and your hair won‘t look blunt and lifeless the day after. 



But if you keep going for weeks, months or even years you will eventually realize how much the structure and looks of your hair has changed and how its health has declined.  Have you ever looked at older pictures of yourself and were surprised by your how long, thick and vibrant your hair was? This happened to me a while ago and from this day on I decided to consistently nourish and care for my hair so not only style and dye it but pamper it and treat it right to make it shine from within.   

SHAMPOO VOLUME introduced me to the fine hair series and has been my savior. Good-bye thin and lifeless hair, hello bouncy awesomeness.

and body care products and treatments. This Total Beauty Concept really helps me to be consistent and fit everything into my schedule. No matter whether I am in Italy, France, Switzerland or Germany, I always find the time to visit one of the salons. It‘s just one stop for me and offers me all the treatments for my hair, skin and body that I need. Quite handy! 

With La Biosthetique,

I found the perfect partner 

for my intentions. Not only do 

they have spas and salons all around 

the world which help me to stay on track 

with my goals while maintaining my fast-paced, 

busy lifestyle, they also offer a large variety of skin 

I use the FLUIDE every single time I wash my hair, just because it‘s so convenient and equally effective. Apply it to damp hair and – voilà – hello volume!

Now, since I decided to consistently care for my hair and provide it with all the nourishment it needs to become healthy again, La Biosthetique has been a blessing for me. Lucious hair treatements, potent products and competent advise made it possible for me to reclaim my hair health. Therefore, I would like to show you a few of my favorite products that helped me in the process.



When I have more time or really strained my hair the days before, I like to treat myself to the MASQUE DE LUXE. The rich produce restructures and regenerates the inner hair fibre structure and leaves you with silky volume.


Preparation is key! I still need to style my hair for various events and shootings but HEAT PROTECTOR ensures that I do not damage or dehydrate it while providing sleekness and shine.


If you just realized that you‘ve also negected your hair care routine, don‘t be desperate. Start nourishing your hair, be consistent and most importantly be patient! You will see results before you know it.





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  • Bert and Mary Designs

    That’s a constant struggle… Styling but not damaging my hair more than I already have….

    14. März 2017 at 12:10 Antworten

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