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12 Apr

My Beauty Must-Haves

placenta serum

Placenta Sérum Authentique BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE //

This serum contains intensive healing and repairing properties. Ideal for post-acne scarring!


Nourishing and pampering your skin in the morning and in the evening is key for beautiful and healthy skin. You want to maintain a balanced teint throughout the day that’s neither oily nor greasy and pamper your skin at night in order to promote regeneration and recovery? But you ask yourself how you can juggle all of this in order to get the most out of it? Look no further, I show you my favorite products from my morning and evening routine and explain when and how to use them.

dark spot sun defense

Dark Spot Sun Defense DR. DENNIS GROSS // 

My savior for my annual trip to Coachella! Protects you from damaging UVA and UVB rays while reducing those dreadful dark spots.

emulsion gel biosensible

Emulsion Gel Biosensible BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE //

This light cream combats my worst nightmare – dilated pores. It also reduces skin sensitivity and redness. I love to use it before I apply my day cream.

Light-Circles Sepai

Light Circles Eye Serum SEPAI //

If you have a busy schedule and tend to stay up late, this is what you’ve been waiting for! This serum treats under eye shadows andhydrates the eye  contour area.

masque vivant


Dull and devitalised skin after a long day of wearing make-up and being super busy? Look no further. I love applying the Masque Vivant after a long day so that my skin can recover. I really see its fantastic purifying action the next day, my skin glows!


Creme Dermopurifiante BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE //

Applied at night, 20 highly concentrated, active ingredients tighten your pores and protect against external aggressions.Anti-inflammatory vitamin B3 helps me to keep my skin clear even when I am super busy.

recovery peel

Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel DR. DENNIS GROSS //

I’m not getting any younger either guys. 😉 If you have a busy lifestyle you should start preventing wrinkles and aging as early as possible. I really like using the wrinkle recovery peels in the PM because they totally restore and retexture my skin and give me a radiant glow. 

dry sheet mask
as needed

Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask CHARLOTTE TILBURY // 

If I have an important appointment, shooting or red carpet event, this mask is my savior! Reduces wrinkles, smooths, brightens, lifts and hydrates your skin in only 15 minutes. It’s magic!

Dr-Dennis-Gross-daily face peel

Alpha Beta Peel DR. DENNIS GROSS // 

Peeling is so beneficial and helps me to keep my pores tight and my skin clear. 

The weekly peelings tend to be quite aggressive though, so I prefer a gentle, two-phase, daily peel by Dr. Dennis Gross. Used before bed, it can rev-up collagen production, exfoliate your skin and give you a deep cleanse.  

glow pad for body

Aplha Beta Glow Pad for Body DR. DENNIS GROSS // 

Before major shootings or trips to warm and sunny countries, I love to use these self-tanning and firming body pants. They provide an instant glow like you just returned from the maledives. 


 Now I hope you have a good overview of my daily beauty routine.  So tell me, what do you use on a daily basis? Is there any product you cannot live without? 

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