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21 Jan

Beauty Alert: purslane skin

If you have been looking for highly effective and in equal measure natural facial treatments for younger and more vibrant looking skin, you most likely stumbled upon Dr. Barbara Sturm. The specialist in molecular orthopedics and aesthetic medicine runs clinics in both Duesseldorf and Munich and is internationally known for her groundbreaking treatments and cutting-edge products.


Dr. Sturm definitely knows her stuff. She is not only an internationally known and well-respected specialist in non-surgical skin rejuvenation; but also a medical researcher. Finding innovative, highly effective treatments for her patients is one of her utmost concerns. 



In collaboration with Harvard scientists, Barbara Sturm developed the Molecular Skincare line, which is highly priced by celebrities and supermodels such as Rosie Huntington Whitely. The products are based on Purslane, a highly nutritious herb, and focus on the two most important aspects for young and healthy looking skin. First of all, they emphasize anti-aging and skin rejuvenation by utilizing the body’s own cells in order to regenerate from within. Secondly, they focus on protecting the skin and its properties and functions in order to keep it vibrant and glowing in the long-term. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm also offers quite a few lush skin treatments in her clinics. One of them, the so called Vampire Lift, may sound bloody and frightening but if you hear about this natural renewing technique you will find it rather tempting. And don’t worry – no garlic and or wooden stake required! The Vampire Lift is a non-surgical therapy which does not rely on injecting fillers or tightening the face. It actually makes your skin become younger from the inside because it promotes cell growth and renewal in the most natural way. The science behind this is as simple as it gets: 


A small amount of blood is taken from the arm vein and thereupon the blood cells start creating highly active healing substances and growth factors.  These are the potent substances that we are looking for! Then, concentrated blood plasma is being injected into the dermis either pure or combined with deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid. The cells from your own blood will promote rapid collagen production and cell renewal.  Collagen makes for subtle, fine pored skin and new blood vessels give you a healthy, vibrant glow.  

This treatment is minimally invasive so it won’t leave any scars and you can immediately go on with your daily life. Using your own blood to boost cell growth and rejuvenation instead of just injecting fillers is a natural and very promising alternative. 


 And it is not as scary as it first seems, is it? 

Barbara Sturm

And I guess we all want young and healthy-looking skin, don’t we? But instead of only making it appear younger, don’t we actually want our skin to be juvenile, radiant and glowing from within? This is why Dr. Sturm’s main objective is to stimulate the skin in a way, that it regenerates and replenishes itself in order to obtain long lasting and very natural results.   

Molecular Cosmetics


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