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1 Feb

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There are a few things that directly come to my mind that are simply impossible but would make life so much easier. One of them would be a foundation that offers full coverage just as a concealer to cover up all redness and dark spots and – at the same time – gives you a lightweight, natural finish without looking like greasepaint. But as we all know, that simply doesn’t exist, right? 

power fabric foundation GIORGIO ARMANI //

The new POWER FABRIC foundation achieves perfect full coverage with a matte finish that leaves you  speechless. I’m used to getting my make-up done by experienced make-up artists and therefore have tried many different brands. Still, I have never seen a foundation that teams a powerful pigmentation and coverage with such a natural, light-weight look. It’s truly astonishing!

The velvety texture melts into the skin and almost makes you look like you are not wearing make-up at all while covering imperfections. And guess what, it does not even get dull or crease into wrinkles over time. Literally, a real power fabric


Check out the video to see the full look with all products linked in this post and follow me around at GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics. I had a blast! 

10 - GA - Eye Tint - 877744 06 (BD)

It actually does! When Giorgio Armani invited me to try their new power fabric foundation I was more than skeptical. Many brands promise the best of both worlds but I had yet to find a foundation that actually keeps its word. Luckily, Armani did and proved me wrong at last.  

If you could just clap your hands and – voilà – make some of your daily habbits far more enjoyable and effortless, what would you clap for? 

I think everybody sometimes daydreams about the perfect world, just as I do. 


If you could just snap your fingers and – voilà – get rid of those tiny but nasty peeves in life, what would it be?

GAB Black Ecstasy
GAB Maestro Brushes 4-BlenderBrush
GAB_High Precision Brown Pencil_01 wood open
GAB Maestro Brushes 9-AngledEyeBrush

eye shadow GIORGIO ARMANI //

eye brush GIORGIO ARMANI //

eye brow pencil GIORGIO ARMANI //



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